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We offer a comprehensive software system designed to streamline and simplify the management of a physiotherapy clinic. The features include scheduling, EMR, reporting and analytics, HEP, Virtual Therapy, and Digital Patient Intake.

Our software can help improve patient outcomes, increase revenue, and streamline administrative tasks. Switch to this physical therapy software and focus on providing the best possible care to your patients.

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Efficiency and productivity

Our fully customized physio practice management software is available to our therapists. You can streamline all business aspects with us, from patient retention to the payment process, since our EMR remains connected to all of our products, including the scheduler, billing solutions, and patient marketing software.


SmartPT online can handle all aspects of your marketing, including monitoring your online presence and automating communication.

Patient Retention and Activation

You may examine the reasons why patients are leaving your care with the aid of our variety of resources. You may take action to stop the leaks and make sure that patients advance toward their objectives and finish their programs.

Practice Management

The software will allow you to charge, schedule, and document the patient all at once. Additionally, it gives you valuable business intelligence that you can use to create treatment programs, monitor employee performance, and increase revenue.

Customer Success Stories

Wajid M

“Undoubtedly, this software makes physical therapy easier and more accessible for patients, but as a physical therapist, I have never come across such an easy-to-use tool. The virtual therapy feature is my favorite as it lets me give appointments to my patients online, and I don’t even need to hire a management team.”

Simranjeet Sukhija, PT

Wajid M

“SmartPT Online is providing therapists with opportunities to improve the documentation, act more compliant, and be more consistent with the practice.”

Aakash Gupta, PT

Wajid M

“The HEP is Awesome! A great many exercises. Best for the therapists to find the perfect exercise.”

Guranchal Pawar, PT

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