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Assist in generating compliant and modern SOAP Notes with the best physical therapy documentation software.

Documenting efficiently
Through the note section, the physiotherapist can update the information for them and the patients. There is a text box in the exercise tracker that effectively helps in documenting every time you follow a HEP.
Documenting securely
Save and enter secure patient data anytime and anywhere you want. It can be done from any web-enabled device. It is achieved confidently as our physical therapy electronic documentation system boasts bank-level encryption.
Uploading external Files
You can upload external patient documents such as prescriptions, diagnostic reports, intake forms, and overall patient charts.
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Maintain a full schedule and increase clinical efficiency with our customised scheduling component.

Clinic schedules
Edit, build, and have a look at the therapists, patients, equipment, and treatment rooms, anywhere, anytime.
Send reminders automatically
Reduce the number of no-shows and cancellations by up to 30% by sending patient appointment reminders through text, email, or phone.
Deliver the care virtually
Deliver your practice to provide telehealth through our live video feature and virtual visits. Easy launch, book, and execute remote therapy appointments directly from SmartPT Online.
Managing the patient payments
Manage the balances and the payments due.
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Digital Patient Intake

Enhance the patient registration process with Digital Intake with our physical therapy electronic documentation.

Streamlining the steps between the Exam room and the waiting room
The patients will be coming to your office for a one-time visit to register themselves. This way, when they reach their appointment, they can start the process of healing and not get involved in the hassle of updating and maintaining paperwork.
Saving frustration and time
Less time to translate means more time for scheduling appointments and processing payments. You will never have to spend another minute thinking if the letter in the patient's last name is an ‘N’ or an ‘H’.
Set and forget
While scheduling the initial evaluation, the patient will receive a digital intake form at an interval.
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Digital Patient Intake


Formulate intelligent business decisions with real-time data.

Allocation of resources efficiently
Identifying the performance indicators at the clinic, therapists, and company levels. This insight will help you deliver smarter financial and marketing decisions.
Improving clinical operations
Taking care of the scheduling process to improve patient attendance and retention. Also, analysing the billing metrics for optimising and negotiating contracts.
Organise and see your data your way
Filter, sort, format, and aggregate your data in your own way. Export the practice raw data to a PDF or an excel spreadsheet with our PT documentation software.

This is why SmartPT is the best physical therapy documentation software.

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The PT documentation software and the Interactive home exercise programs(HEP) will help your patients get better quickly.

Create HEPs in minutes
Quickly look for thousands of evidence-based exercises for building interactive and customised home exercise programs.
Interacting with the patient through a mobile app
Motivating the patients to complete, access, and give feedback on the exercises through the mobile app. They can download it from the app store of the google play store.
Make sure that the patients are achieving the functional goals
Try to provide your patients with the HEPs and they are going to love it. Well, thanks to the feature of secure two-way messaging, patient-facing functionality, and goal setting. SmartPT Online keeps the patient engaged and will track their care.
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Virtual Therapy

Provide online consultation without any hassle or third-party applications

Work from anywhere and anytime
Bid goodbye to long waiting queues or group physical therapy sessions. With SmartPT, you can leverage the benefits of providing online consultation within the physical therapy sessions and with no hidden costs.
Zero infrastructure cost
Setting up an office to run a physical therapy clinic can be a tedious task. Why don’t you switch to SmartPT’s virtual therapy provision and not worry about having a comfortable place for patients?
Minimise no-shows
When your patients will have the liberty to book a session online and work out at home, the lesser will be the number of reschedules, cancellations, and no-shows.
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Virtual Therapy

This is Why the SmartPT is the best Physical Therapy EMR Software.

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