Sukhija Physiotherapy Clinic

Upscaling Sukhija’s Pediatric, Pelvic, Sports, and Physical Therapy Clinic to manage the patients seamlessly.

Simranjeet Sukhija PT

Fast Facts


SCF 33, Phase 10, Mohali, 160055

In Business Since:


SmartPT Member Since:

Sep 2022

Key Achievements

Helped manage various specialities through one platform.

A library of Home Exercise Plan videos made tailor-made plans for patients easier.

Streamlined the workflow by getting a hold of the scheduling process.


Simranjeet Sukhija has been in the physical therapy industry for more than a decade. She recently got to know about SmartPT’s physical therapy software that could automate her manual work. Since she deals with many specialities, including Pediatric, Pelvic, Sports, and Physical Therapy, she wasted no time in booking a demo session.


Managing a wide range of specialities can be challenging. And if you had to do it online, keeping your team updated, getting your patients on board with appointments, etc., it can be cumbersome. Even before the pandemic, many of her patients wanted to opt for online consultations, but it became a necessity after the lockdown.

PT Simranjeet tried providing virtual therapy by maintaining Excel sheets and using third-party softwares for hosting the meetings. However, the real-time updates weren’t possible, and there was a lot of communication gap among the team members and between the physical therapists and patients.

Another challenge that PT Sukhija and her team were facing was the creation of customised fitness plans for their patients as they used to do in the offline mode.


By introducing SmartPT to her business, she has been able to take care of her clinic more efficiently. It helped her to organise patient records, track progress, and create reports. Since it can also be used to help patients prepare for visits and to keep track of their progress, Sukhija gained better insights than ever.


The challenges she was facing related to online consultation also came to a halt. Without any third-party integrations, she got an all-in-one platform for seamless video chats. Not only for a virtual therapy session but also for staying in touch with her patients. Thus, she could keep track of patient progress and track the time spent in therapy.

As far as Home Exercise Plans were concerned, she got a library filled with recorded exercises. All she needed to do was pick and choose the exercises and make a HEP.

“After the pandemic, my team wasn’t able to stay on the page, but SmartPT was cloud-based. It helped my entire team to stay updated in real-time.”

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