Demystifying physical therapy with PT Divaker Shah

Gain a deeper understanding of physical therapy with PT Divaker Shah

Physical therapy is breaking down barriers for individuals with disabilities or injuries. In this discussion with an expert physical therapist, delve into how physical therapy can improve accessibility and quality of life.

PT  Divaker Shah

Who did we Interview?

PT Divaker Shah is a physical therapist with an extensive experience of almost six months working in a multi-speciality hospital and seven months in a clinic. After years of working as a physical therapist, he decided to start his own Youtube channel as he realized that students needed a platform to get all the details about physiotherapy.

Starting with the Questionnaire

Question 1- What motivated you to start your own YouTube channel?

While pursuing my undergraduate degree, I realized that the majority of students consumed material through YouTube. There was no such channel on YouTube at that time where students could acquire useful information on physical therapy. What motivates me the most are good comments from people who like my video. I am enthusiastic about creating physical therapy videos.

Question 2: What methods or sources do you use to gather information for your social media channels?

Apart from textbooks, which are the major source of information, I also share my expertise in treating patients and their quick recovery on social media channels.

Question 3: Can you provide tips for patients to maintain their physical health and prevent injuries?

You should eat a balanced diet and exercise frequently to maintain physical health and prevent injuries. And remember not to limit yourself to the gym, since nothing beats a nice stroll.

Question 4: Do you collaborate with other healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive care for patients?

Yes, of course. Collaborating with other healthcare professionals helps me learn and brainstorm ideas to solve an issue. As the healthcare industry is quite vast, it is always good to encourage insights from other professionals and be open to adopting them.

Question 5: Is there a specific physiotherapy conference or event that you are looking forward to attending?

Right now, I am not looking forward to attending any physiotherapy conference or event.

To wrap it up

With a passion for researching the most recent changes and developments in the physical therapy industry, PT Divaker Shah completed his undergraduate degree in Bangalore. He is currently studying for a master’s degree at the Real Madrid Graduate School in Spain. He wants to pursue a career in sports since he enjoys the field.

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