How Physiotherapy Changed the life of notable celebrities

Interview with Celeb Physio Sneha Tiwari (PT)

Physical therapy is a noble profession that deals with treating individuals to alleviate their pains and everyday body discomforts. They are trained professionals who will evaluate and records patient’s progress. They help injured or ill people to improve and manage their pain.

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Who did we interview?

PT Sneha Tiwari is an exceptional celeb Physio. She has an experience of 5 years in the industry and has treated many celebrities. She has worked with many different sportspersons and athletes.

Getting to the Questionnaire

Question 1- What’s your process for evaluating a new patient?

I will first go and evaluate their history. Then if there is any musculoskeletal condition, will go with MSK screening assessments for the proper diagnosis.

Question 2: What are some of the most common injuries you treat as a sports physical therapist?

I have been mostly treating knee, shoulder injuries and lower back injuries.

Question 3: If an athlete has a recurring injury, how would you approach the situation?

Recognising the recurring injuries are related to function, not a weak spot in the body or genetics or just the way athletes are. I apply this principle for movement and change the narrative of the pain and injury cycle of athletes.
Rather than simply chasing pain relief by treating symptoms and looking for what is wrong with the structure (or which structure is the problem), I believe in working on improving the movement to change the lifestyle of athletes.

Question 4: How often do you attend webinars/events/conferences? Are you eagerly waiting for any particular event?

I attend Plenty of webinars and conferences. I even present lots of paper presentations and poster papers. I have won a prize also for my presentations.
Right now, I’m waiting for the asperta sports medicine conference.

Question 5: Could you name a few of the celebs you treated? And how was your experience treating those celebrities?

I have treated many celebrities such as Sunny Leone, Payal Rajput, Vishnu Manchu, and Mithali Raj. Tennis player Pranjala, and badminton player Jwala Gutt.

Question 6: Few Lines about yourself & your no. of years of experience in the physio industry.

I am Sneha Tiwari and currently working in the physiotherapy field for 5 years. I have worked with the women’s cricket team (Indian Railways team & Andhra women’s cricket team juniors & seniors) since 2019-2023. I have been working with elite tennis players on their injury prevention and rehabilitation. I also work with different sports and athletes.
In my clinic, we worked with different age groups such as Pediatric to geriatric patients! I have also been certified in prenatal and postnatal fitness and I’m working on it. I’m the founder of the momentum sports clinic and chiropractor centre located in Alwal hills.
I have been working with Bollywood and Tollywood actors and actresses for their injury prevention while performing.

Summing up

PT Sneha Tiwari is dedicated to providing the best physiotherapy treatment. She is actively working with celebrities from Bollywood and Tollywood and has made her name with stellar experience of 5 years. She is also running her own sports clinic and the chiropractor centre that is located in the Alwal Hills.

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