Putting Patient Care on Front Foot

An Interaction About Physical Therapy with PT Bhoransh Vats

Physical therapy is a journey of recovery. It involves helping people and positively impacting their lives. They are responsible for improving the quality of life with patient education, hands-on care, and by prescribing the exercises.

Putting Patient Care on Front Foot for Patient Retention

Who did we interview?

PT Bhoransh Vats is an empathetic and a good physiotherapist. He believes in understanding the suffering of the patients and treating their ailments in the best way possible. He has been a physical therapist for more than 3 years and has a keen interest in treating neurology-related disorders, and strength & conditioning.

Getting to the Questionnaire

Question 1- Any thoughts on using software for managing your practice, do you feel it will help you achieve results more efficiently?

When technology is combined with healthcare, it always yields better outcomes. I believe in using software to increase efficiency in the medical profession.

Question 2: How would you like to explain your experience working with patients who are non-verbal?

It is always challenging working with patients who have difficulty expressing or understanding instructions. But finding innovative ways and having empathy towards patients helps in comforting them.

Question 3: A patient complained of severe pain after your prescribed exercise. What will be the next steps, then?

It all depends on what is causing the pain.

I’d do a pain assessment that includes the “type, character, onset, intensity” of pain. Then I will take an approach to treat pain accordingly. Ideally, applying ice packs or any other cryotherapy modality works with sudden onset and acute types of pain.

Question 4: How would you cope with a patient who is combining physio with other treatments?

The sub-branches of medicine and rehabilitation are all interdisciplinary, and hence work hand in hand. I would see if that particular treatment is hampering his/her health negatively, or is necessary. Then, I’d decide accordingly whether to continue simultaneously or stop any of the treatment.

Question 5: What do you think is the most important aspect of patient education?

Motivating patients to be compliant and regular. These two are the most important and toughest aspects of the physiotherapy profession to achieve. Secondary to this, is, letting patients know the precautionary measures they would need to take throughout their daily life

Summing up.

PT Bhoransh Vats is a young physical therapist who enjoys his profession and treats their patients with empathy. He believes in putting technology to use for providing more efficient treatments.

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