Taking a Step Towards Digitalisation in Physical Therapy

An Interaction About Physical Therapy with Dr Jeetu Mishra (PT)

Physical therapy helps people who are unable to move, get up from bed and carry on with their daily activities. Here’s something an expert physical therapist has to say about his practice.

Take the Step Towards Digitalisation in Physical Therapy World

Who did we interview?

Dr Jeetu is a physical therapist who has been treating patients for the past 18 years. Apart from the clinic, he believed that God has created him to uplift this profession and provide exceptional quality care to his patients. He loves the idea of treating patients free of cost and a far greater purpose.

Getting to the Questionnaire

Question 1- Would you like to tell me how you started your journey? What interests you more being a chiropractor or physiotherapist?

My journey to Physiotherapy was introduced to me by my father as I was into sports and then later in life father introduced me to chiropractic care.
And I have learned chiropractic care from different people across 3 countries namely Canada, UK and Australia.

Question 2: Communicating with the patient is crucial, but at the time, there’re patents whose first language is not native. How do you deal with such a situation?

Communication with patients is a crucial part of the job. When patients are unable to speak the practitioner’s language then physical therapy software is very helpful. Also, google Translate helps sometimes too.

Question 3: How has joining live events and meetups like TheJaipurDialogues annual event increased footfall to your clinic or built new connections?

TheJaipurdialogue has nothing to do with patients or business. It was purely a platform for like-minded people who thinks India should be a Hindu nation and why Hindus live like a second-grade citizen in their own country.

Question 4: How do you think physiotherapy software can be more useful to manage patients and documentation?

I think the future lies in digitalisation and thus software is very important considering the future and uplifting professional skills for keeping track of progress and keeping records of patients.
I firmly believe in digitisation. Because as soon as early doctors start accepting and improving with the help of available software, the better it will be.

Question 5: Is there any piece of advice you would like to share with our IT readers to deal with a common problem like Back Pain due to prolonged sitting?

  • IT team must consult the doctors or clients who are using this software regarding what new features can be added.
  • Some features such as keeping voice notes or keeping videos of patients can be useful for maintaining patient records.
  • Making or linking your platform directly or indirectly to Instagram or YouTube and Facebook is also very crucial. This is so that anything posted on software can be uploaded directly will help a lot of doctors to use or spend more time on it
  • You have to see doctors spend maximum time on your software learning or sharing with other doctors through software. Your software should also have patients access to their soft copies if they need it in future.

    Few Lines about yourself & your no. of years of experience in the physio industry.

    Having an experience of over 18 years, I believe God has created me to give my share of life for uplifting my profession and patient health and care. One day I would like to work for patients where money is not involved and everyone can get free treatment.

    Wrapping up,

    Dr Jeetu Mishra is one committed individual who likes to treat people and would love to do it for free someday. He has 18 years of experience in this field. He was introduced to physiotherapy through his father. His passion exceeds his excellence and understands the need for digitalisation in this Industry

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