Suraj Physio Clinic

By collaborating with SmartPT’s impeccable physical therapy software, Suraj Physio Clinic has made a name for itself in the industry.

Sandeep Malik PT

Fast Facts


T -point, Bus Stand Road, Satnali,123024, Tehsil Mahendragarh , Haryana

In Business Since:


SmartPT Member Since:

Sep 2022

Key Achievements

SmartPT increased efficiency and built better customer relationships for Suraj Physio Clinic.

Created customised programs that are easy to use and understand.

With the help of SmartPT, there was more patient activation and retention than ever before.


Sandeep Malik is a physical therapist who specialises in sports injuries. He has been running his physical therapy called “Suraj Physio Clinic” since 2015. His clinic is run by a stretched-thin team of professionals and support personnel in Gurgaon, the tech hub of India.


This is no news how Covid-19 has affected every business; surprisingly, some healthcare practitioners did feel its wrath of it as well, physiotherapy clinics being one of them. Among the many such practitioners, Sandeep had a promising practice with a huge clientele pre-COVID; it was super challenging for him to pivot with this stop wall of fear in people of getting out of their houses.

The creation of Home Exercise Plans different for each patient was daunting as it needed special recording devices that were adding up to make a hefty investment.

Luckily, that pivot did eventually get easy for him with the introduction of SmartPT to his business. He was not only able to maintain the existing clientele in a far more streamlined way but also got a much-needed push to scale.


“SmartPT Online is a great tool for physical therapists to use when planning and scheduling appointments.”

SmartPT for service-based businesses like “Suraj Physio Clinic” acts as a boon. It not only lets the business owners cut costs with lesser employees but also without hampering productivity and efficiency. On the contrary, SmartPT Online, with its one-of-a-kind interface, lets the Business owner and the client have a more interactive and easy-to-access portal.


SmartPT helped Sandeep to see how his patients are progressing over time and whether any trends need to be addressed, all through a single platform. The issue of not being able to create personalised HEP without hiring staff or equipment.

The nationwide internet boom has helped the case for softwares like SmartPT as it lets the business owner push his service to a wider audience overcoming most of the common constraints.

 “SmartPT is a tool that can be used by physical therapists to improve their efficiency. By using software, physical therapists can This can help them to save time and money, as well as improve their productivity.”

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