Adopting SmartPT video consultation services, the SP physiotherapy centre Delhi’s providing top-notch therapy solutions for successful patient recovery.

Sp Singh


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17-A, East Guru Angad Nagar, Delhi -110092,

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Key Achievements

Implementing the software to streamline the documentation process.

Improved patient care and more focus on treating the patients.


PT SP Singh with his team of 10 physiotherapists is running the fastest-growing physical therapy clinics in Delhi. He is a specialist in treating ortho and Neurological disorders. He has more than 10 years of experience in physiotherapy and wellness. He is very qualified with a degree in BPT, CCT, CKT, CDNT, DYSc, and MIAP.


PT SP Singh is a renowned physiotherapist who started and has 10 years of experience in this field. There was a great challenge for PT SP Singh to allocate and give therapy to the customers while sitting at home. He has 10 years of experience and despite that, he was facing issues in increasing his client portfolio by himself.

What was getting more challenging was managing the large Google forms, and spreadsheets, and sending the confirmation. When he came to know about the SmartPT, it was a definite solution that could help him to manage his clinic better.  


Within a small amount of time, PT SP Singh was interested in our software. The features of the software were very seamless to use and could easily handle all the manual work.  

The streamlined scheduling process also helps the doctor to stay on top of managing the documentation process. This also makes sure that no important details are missed.  

The SmartPT makes it very easy to create patients so that you can easily track progress and create patient reports.


The first benefit he saw was in the ability to provide more personalized patient care. This will make the customers not leave this therapy and hence allow the therapist to develop more comprehensive and well-rounded care.  

Now, the PT can keep all his records seamlessly. Streamlining the documentation process enabled him and his team to improve patient care and coordination.  

The patients of PT SP Singh can easily access the records and thus this means more time for the team to stay focused on the patients.

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