PT Nidhi

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PT Nidhi

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VIP Road, Zirakpur

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Using the marketing tools to market physical therapy across the country.

The patient records will be kept secure and updated through the automation tools of SmartPT Online.


PT Nidhi Kaur, Bachelor of physiotherapy, a physiotherapist from VIP Road Zirakpur. She has been practising Master of physical therapy for the past 12 years and is committed to providing healthcare with dedication and compassion. She completed her Bachelor of physiotherapy, MSPT (Master of Physical Therapy). She is currently practising at Care and Cure physiotherapy and rehabilitation in VIP Road, Zirakpur.


PT Nidhi Kaur, who has had a journey of 12 years as a physiotherapist, was facing a challenge in marketing their practice and getting a regular flow of clients.

It becomes very hard to track real-time data. Then one fine day, she came across SmartPT searching for the best physiotherapy software online.


Well, it offered a splendid solution to the challenges PT Nidhi was facing. With the physio software, she was able to get instant insights to complete marketing actions, follow-up tasks, and so much more.  

It helped her in identifying the most successful marketing sources. She was able to track your marketing progress.


She got advance access to the patient records as the online physiotherapy software is equipped with features that will enable the PT to access important information and proper storage of medical records.  

The automation through the SmartPT makes sure that the patient records are always updated and are producing proper invoices as well.  

The PT software also enables Nidhi Kaur to complete paperwork, follow up on appointments and track the patients. With this, she saved the staff time as well as your money.  

The implementation of technology transformed & contributed to patient care in physical therapy. Thus, enabling Nidhi, to make her business operations smoother.

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